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Sacrifico T-shirts just released

  First official Sacrificio T-shirts, released by Down With The Most High. Sour red and white one sided dye-out print, on Soft Gildan shirts (all sizes, from S to XXL).

  Sacrificio debut MLP also available from us. Get both the shirt and the vinyl for a discounted price.

  Prices (they don't include postage):

  T-shirt: for 12 € + shipping.

  Sacrificio debut MLP: 12 € + shipping.

  T-shirt and MLP bundle: 21 € + shipping.

  For orders, postage rates and additional info, send us an e-mail.

  Sacrificio promo tape is totally sold out from Down With The Most High. Very last copies can be purchased from our official distributor Me Saco Un Ojo Records, by clicking here.

  Sacrificio has just open their their Facebook profile. Follow the lastest news of the band, adhering to their fanpage.

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium "Pornokrates: Deo Gratias".
Digipack CD and T-shirt distributed by DWTMH.

  CD version of the last Filii Nigrantium Infernalium album "Pornokrates: Deo Gratias". Limited edition to 500 copies, comes on a 6 fold out panel inverted cross digipack. Contains both the "A Queda" and "Retrofornikator" singles, as bonus. Available for 12 + shipping.

  Double sided t-shirts also available for 12 euros.

  Digipack and t-shirt bundle: 21 euros + shipping.

Sacrificio releases promo tape version of their debut mini LP with Down With The Most High Prod. and announces signings with NWN! and Iron Bonehead.

  Chained in conservationism as a strict principle, Sacrificio rises the banners and standards of the first Black Metal generation resounding fluency and effectiveness, with the basic slaying riffing of early Deathrash legends, from the outrageous substrate of the South American Cone.

  They vociferate the sullenness and the vigour of their lyrics sung on Spanish as their mother language (evoking the same feeling of uniqueness of the old bands from the most unexpected and darkest latitudes like Columbia, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Hungary…), spawning a looming ruination of marginal row, cloaked by a rumbling atmosphere as a pandemonium of dantesque splendour.

  Blaspheming on such ways on ablution of blood and remains from tube distortion and tape compression, it derives on a sound which inhabits the opposed shore of the archetypical in terms of production today. Its sound, evolves and destroys in the same way like the oppressive circumstances and environment of the very first Death Metal demo recordings.

  As part of the just sworn conspiracy between the band and Down With The Most High Prod. as their management agency, we proudly unleash the cassette promo version of Sacrificio self titled debut mini LP. This debut opus will be released later both by Nuclear War Now (CD and vinyl) and Iron Bonehead (vinyl) simultaneously, assuring a worldwide distribution and global revolt.

  Tape version available from Down With The Most High, Me Saco Un Ojo Records (as the official distributor for all DWTMH releases), NWN! and Iron Bonehead.

  Price is 4,50 euros + shipping.

  For orders, wholesale and trade inquiries, interviews, promo packs and additional info contact Down With The Most High:

Omission/Beast Conjurator split LP,
officially distributed by Down With The Most High.

  Down With The Most High as the only official distributor of all Omission merchandise, now carries copies through our mailorder, of the band's brand new split LP with Brazilian death thrashers Beast Conjurator.

  Their side of the vinyl accurately entitled "Black Darkness Obscurity", contains an intro plus five songs (four of them them recorded live in the studio plus a demo version of "Here we stand"). Limited vinyl only release, on Emanes Metal Records.

  Check out our mailorder section for additional infos.

Sabbat / Filii Nigrantium Infernalium
“Copula Necrotheologica: Sabbat Infernal”

  When East meets West never was that impious and salacious. Two different but alike forms of understanding, breathing and evoking the essence of oldest impure black metal, but drenched with all the spirit of heavy metal tradition as their respective gospels. And thus are the voices of the highest magisters from such opposed sides of the world: Sabbat has been indisputably a major entity of the genre for over three decades while, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, has been shrieking against the sacrosanct during twenty truculent years. Truest on essence and flooded their souls with the passion for the dark side, their paths finally crossed themselves among the request of Down With The Most High, nearly four years ago. Despite the fact how many times the fruit of this allegiance has been postponed, delayed and repeatedly worked and perfected on its aesthetic aspect, the meeting of such greater unstoppable forces, offers one new track per band, which far away from being fillers intended for a supposed minor release, seal this split as a pact of the strongest and the most everlasting satanic will. The uniqueness visual consummation of Marko Marov (Vatra i Sumpor) as the responsible hand for all the artwork displayed on this three fold-out outer cover with flap and insert, is nothing but the culmination of this shamed liturgy and such anti theological infernal coven.

  Strictly limited edition of 666 copies, being the first 166 of them on gold vinyl while the remaining amount comes on orthodox black vinyl.

  Black vinyl : 10 euros + shipping.
  Gold vinyl: 11 euros + shipping.

Interfectum - “Sepulchral Rites” Demo tape

  Reissue of their first and only demo so far, originally released by this untamed Spanish horde. Seven desecrating rituals of hideous cults, evoking the spirits and forces of abyssal black death metal´s condemnation.

  A three track 7" EP shall be unleashed on 2014 through Down With The Most High.

  You can listen to Interfectum, by visiting their bandcamp:

Proclamation merchandise

  All Proclamation merchandise will be available from Down With The Most High from now on. There’s no other place where to purchase it and what you see listed on our website, is what´s currently available. No plan for new stuff is on the works.

  Set of four badges (38 mm diameter) including the artwork of each one of the four albums of their AMEN tetralogy. Available separately or as whole set.

  Price per single badge is 1 € + shipping.
  Set of four badges available as a bundle, for 3 euros + shipping.

  Repress of the “Nether Tombs of Abbadon” shirt, printed in conspiracy between the band and Down With The Most High. Gildan Premium Cotton clothing, available on all sizes (S-XXL).

  Price per shirt is 12 euros + shipping.

Domains "Sinister Ceremonies"
Cassette version to be released by DWTMH

  A highly limited cassette version of Domains new album "Sinister Ceremonies" will be released by Down With The Most High Productions, sometime during 2014.

  All three parts involved (Domains, The Sinister Flame and Down With The Most High) are already working closely, in order to spawn something out of the ordinary for this edition.

  More details to follow within the followimng weeks. No endeavour will be scrimped. Just expect from this alliegance only, what such a supreme piece of dark art is worth of and deserves exclusively.

  "Sinister Ceremonies" will be available from our mailorder service, both on CD and LP.

Profanatica tribute shirt to the early days

  This is the ultimate tribute t-shirt to Profanatica, related to the first incarnation of the band, previous to their split up back in 1992 and their later comeback. “As Tears Stain the Altar of Christ” was their final output (in fact it was the re-release of their very first demo “Of Putrescence…” pressed on vinyl) showing the band on Black Metal attitude at its purest form. Being devoted to perversion, amorality and salacity, the three band members appeared naked and covered in blood ignoring the supposed rules of an emerging pseudo scene in the eve of collapsing and fading away.

  This shirt rescues that one of a kind band portrait on all its mightiness on full color with the classic Profanatica logo on red arterial ink on front, while the back hails the never released and lost “The Raping of Virgin Mary” album, with the logo Osmose used to advertise the cursed LP and the aforementioned infamous record title.

  Strictly limited to 100 pieces available on sizes S to XXL.

  Price: 16 euros + shiping.

  Postage rates:

  Postage fees are the same if you order either 1 or 2 shirts. Combine with other merchandise available from us or even a second piece for a comrade, and save cash on postage.

- Europe ordinary airmail shipping: 6,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail shipping: 9,00 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail shipping: 10,10 euros
- Overseas registered airmail shipping: 12,05 euros

Proclamation Zip-up Hoodies

  Originally released early this year on an initial run of 60 zip-up hoodies, most of them were sold at the band’s European tour. In fact it was never heavily announced nor largely promoted by us. Due to the demand and request from many of you, we’ve decided to print another 40 units (up to our usual limitation of 100 pieces) that will the last ones ever to be produced. Identical design with improved printing quality. Once they’re gone they’ll be sold out forever.

  A few of them will be available from the band at the NWN Fest while the rest can be purchased from us. No reservations, no pre-orders to be brought to the Fest. First come, first serve.

  Because of the smaller run this time, price as slightly increased.

  Price is 35 euros + shipping. Postage fees:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 12,85 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 15,40 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 21,00 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 24,10 euros

  Shipping fees are up to 1 kg. Hoodies weight are circa 600 gr. You can add a shirt or other items up to 1 kg to your order, for the same postage costs.

Order From Chaos “Dawnbringer” Leather Back Patch

  Still pending of a commendable and proper glorification in terms of recognition, mentioning Order From Chaos, refers to the mind blowing and bone grinding anti archetypical trio which blew up barriers without breaking the oath of the conservatism. Naming them is an evocative exercise which intoxicates the air with the essence of one of the obscurest and weirdest forms of interpreting black and death metal ever.

  Raising a hell out of the madness, the strength and the iron will of their uncommon and indefinable song writing, it’s by itself a fascinating yet epic battle roar which has written with bold golden fonts the history of the underground. The creative alignment of three musical minds which apparently may have sounded dysfunctional, worked with deadly precision since their demo days, throughout numerous EPs and victorious LPs, culminating on a triumphant comeback tour that proved them to be one of the few reunions even worth of being considered and hailed.

  The release of the this shaped back patch (30 cm diameter) based on the artwork of their “Dawnbringer” album, is definitely our proudest moment, since this project has been on our scope since day zero and we won’t hide it was our main goal on our agenda ever since.

  Released on strictly limited edition of 100 pieces on synthetic black leather with unbeatable quality embroidery, 50 of them are on white thread while the remaining 50 are on silver thread... Choose well your colour and follow the sign.

  Price is 19 euros + shipping. Postage rates are as follows:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 2,30 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 4,80 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 3,10 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 5,70 euros

Proclamation – “Imperious Jaws of Ire” T-Shirt

  Double sided printed Fruit of the Loom Valueweight shirts, available on sizes S to XXL.

  Strictly limited edition of 100 pieces.

  Price: 13 euros + shipping (refer to postage rates bellow).

Mortuary Drape – “All The Witches Dance” T-Shirt

  Double sided printed Fruit of the Loom Valueweight shirts, available on sizes S to XXL. Bronze metallic and full colour printing on front + bronze printing on back.

  Strictly limited edition of 100 pieces.

  Price: 17 euros + shipping (refer to postage rates bellow).


  Postage fees are the same if you order either 1 or 2 shirts. Order both designs or two pieces of the same band and save cash.

- Europe ordinary airmail: 6,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 9,00 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 10,10 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 12,05 euros

Bestial Warlust Embroidered leather back patch

  Australia, violent cradle and fertile soil of cacophonic aberrations when it comes to unleash and summoning the forces of chaos under the banner of Metal, sheltered with arson passion and destructive frenzy the outburst of Bestial Warlust: a lethal weapon which spat a plethora of shrapnel and blasphemies in the mid nineties whose collateral damages injured, raped and traumatized the concepts of the underground for the best with their blazing weaponry.

  They were not only the first band to compete in terms of ferocity with their compatriots Sadistik Exekution, but in fact they were the very first outfit ever, which made a declaration of their intentions, self-defining and setting their atrocious style as Satanic War Metal and so, proved being definitively right about their aspirations and approach in quest for a total blackened, impious and ravaged world. They were a main inspiration for an entire new generation of musicians from down under which, in the years to come, showed proudly the grimness of the scar that marked all those who joined their legion and intoned their battle hymns.

  Down With The Most High gives a deafening and hailing ovation to Bestial Warlust, releasing a (not at all) traditional polygonal synthetic leather back patch, with highly detailed and concise embroidery.

  Strictly limited edition of 100 pieces.

  Price is 21 euros + shipping. Postage rates (please, read carefully):

  There are two shipping options for this patch: one sending the patch folded onto an envelope and a second one, rolled up into a protective cardboard tube. Prices are as follows:

- Europe ordinary airmail shipping on envelope: 2,10 euros
- Europe ordinary airmail shipping on tube: 6,30 euros
- Europe registered airmail shipping on envelope: 4,50 euros
- Europe registered airmail on tube: 8,70 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail shipping on envelope: 3,00 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail shipping on tube: 10,10 euros
- Overseas registered airmail on tube: 5,10 euros
- Overseas registered airmail shipping on envelope: 12,50 euros

Teitanblood Oversized logo patch

Status: Sold Out

  We congratulate ourselves announcing the release on an oversized Teitanblood logo patch (28 x 15 cm – 11,02 x 5,90 inches), embroidered on dark red arterial blood thread on a synthetic leather background.

  One time only limited pressing of 100 pieces.

  Price is 15 euros + shipping. Postage rates are:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 1,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 3,80 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 1,80 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 4,20 euros

Revenge “Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist” Oversized leather patch

Status: Sold Out

  If the split up of Conqueror due to their two members being relocated on different cities was as devastating as the blitzkrieg campaign of their one and only album, it didn’t took too long for J. Read to design a new strategy of extreme proportions and punishing rampage, under a feared elite unit called Revenge. With the nuisances to mankind as the target of his new musical, lyrical and conceptual declaration of war and indiscriminate belligerency against humanity and modern society values, nothing would interfere from that point on his unbreakable thirst of vengeance, and so he did as time has unequivocally proven.

  After two EPs that showed that the skull crushing maniacal style of J. Read was delivering a multiple front confrontation with a mere and only depopulating aim, then he decided to increase the suffocating siege of his planned hostilities, teaming up with long time veteran Pete Helmkamp for the release of the exterminating and seminal “Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist” LP. More disembarkations and conquests have followed since then, including several crusades all over the globe with the recruitment of Vermin for cleansing operations and multiple raids over the enemy lines.

  As a milestone of bestiality and unbearable extermination, “Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist” stands as one of the most irreverent, uncompromising and merciless opuses ever. Reasons enough for Down With The Most High to decorate and honor these restless intolerants with the release of an oversized 7,48” x 10,23” (26x19 cm) patch, on sober white mate embroidery on our usual synthetic leather background, reproducing their infamous bone antichrist studded with the eloquent booming sight of the skull that illustrated their undefeated debut album.

  Strictly limited to 100 pieces.

  Price is 15 euros + postage. Shipping rates are:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 1,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 1,80 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 3,80 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 4,20 euros

Sadistic Intent “Resurrection” Embroidered leather back patch

  When it comes to Death Metal the obscure, occult and morbid way, few bands have become so relevant and crucial on this realm of the underground as Sadistic Intent, during a lifetime that started back in the late eighties. Even if the scene has been awaiting for more than a decade the release of “The second coming of darkness” album, their demo and EPs’ bequest has kept the interest and expectation of their debut full length with anxiety and undying anticipation, despite of repeated setbacks and delays.

  Reluctant and exigent to the core as they’re about cooperating with third parties, Down with The Most High feels a nameless excitement about the release of the first official embroidered back patch in the history of the band. The disturbing evil face of the “Resurrection” artwork from their EP dating back from 1994, looks defiant on white mate thread crowned by the Sadistic Intent twisted logo on silver metallic thread, rooted on black synthetic leather backing.

  Strictly limited to 100 pieces.

  Price is 17,50 euros per piece + postage. Shipping rates are:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 1,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 4,90 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 2,90 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 5,25 euros

Conqueror “War Cult Suptremacy” Oversized leather patch

Status: Sold Out

  On the second half of the nineties there was a gap which would end up becoming a void in terms of authenticity and savagery regarding the Black Death underground. The hangover of the late eighties and the first part of the last decade of the century, led to an uncertain period of upsetting creative drought which was meant to be broken with a revulsive abomination in terms of audio warfare and mayhem.

  The conjunction of the overloaded apocalyptic scope and aberrant conception of R. Förster and J. Read, was translated on the low profile discography of Conqueror whose only album “War Cult Supremacy”, was the bursting flame thrower that set the scene on fire, initiating an unstoppable chain reaction whose echoes survive up to this day. Undoubtedly, it was because of them when and why the term War Metal was moulded by some, while Bestial Black Death was the keyword shaped among others. Despite of definitions and stylistic tags, Conqueror viciously brought into the spotlight the rigors of desecration and inhumaties early envisoned by Blasphemy and the Ross Bay Cult, and carried them one step forward based on their own philosophy of the path of Superion.

  Down With The Most High unleashes the definitive Conqueror merchandise tribute piece, releasing an ood oversized 21 cm emrbroidered patch, showing the defiant skull of “War Cult Supremacy” on all its elitism. White mate and dark grey thread embroidery over a synthetic leather background, round this one of a kind shield, strictly limited to 100 units.

  Price is 17 euros per piece + postage. Shippings rates are:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 1,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 4,90 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 2,90 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 5,25 euros

Omission “ThrasH Metal Is Violence” Vinyl version – OVERTHROWN 001

  Down With The Most High is proud to announce the release of the vinyl version of the Omission (Spa) album "Thrash Metal Is Violence". Limited to 500 units: first 100 pieces on red vinyl (only available from us) and the reamining 400 on black vinyl. All copies come on 180 gr heavy vinyl, A2 poster, full colour printed innersleeve on heavy cardborard stock and an embroidered shaped leather logo patch.

  Omisison is Spain's finest and filthiest thrash metal act. Opposed to most newcomers around, they have gained a monolithic and well deserved reputation after 3 demos, countless shows and a solid background since the musicians involved are long time veterans and participants of the Spanish scene. They’ve unquestionably proven to do things in the old good way, not only musically, but also giving the band the time to expand its rentless indomitable fury and spreading the contagious potential of their songs step by step, instead of rushing things just for the sake of it. You can check them out at:

  Their debut album was originally self released by the band on CD and now has been repressed on CD too via Xtreem Music with two bonus live tracks. This vinyl version is a co-release between Down With The Most High, the band and Metal Crusaders distribution.

  Price is 13 euros per copy + shipping.

  Labels and distrbutors, we’re open to trades and wholesale orders.

Beherit Embroidered leather back patch

Status: Sold Out

  Among the prolific vast amount of artwork created by Chris Moyen, one of his most suitable, notorious and symbolic drawings is the one he did two decades ago to illustrate Beherit’s “Dawn Of Satan’s Millenium” picture 7 EP. As essential as the four impious skeletons protrayed on “The Oath Of the Black Blood”, French artist’s reintepretation of the baphometic theme for Finnnish black metal pioneers, has stood the test of time as much as the hellish storming blasphemies once written by Holocauto have done over the years, making the soil of the balck/death underground shake ever since.

  Down With The Most High has simply transferred such a genious creation onto a gigantic circular embroidered 30 cm diameter back patch the way it was meant to be, over a synthetic leather backing.

  Sworn to be strictly limited to 100 units.

  Please, refer to attached pictures.


  Price is 17,50 euros per piece + postage. Shippings rates are:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 1,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 4,90 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 2,90 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 5,25 euros

Possessed Oversized embroidered logo leather patch

Status: Sold Out

  Can the logo of a band represents not only the inheritance and the significance of a certain fistful of songs, but also going beyond its artistic design and turns out as a resume of a historical moment on the chronology of Metal?

  If you ever have slipped your fingers across the embossed sleeve of “Seven Churches” while playing to such a crucial album, it’s then when, as a listener, you realize that the flaming tailed fonts of Possessed speak by themselves so much, that not even a simple image was needed to illustrate the cover that hides those ten devilish tunes, unleashed upon mankind with unknown cruelty and malignancy back in 1985.

  Approved and blessed by Jeff Becerra himself, Down With The Most High has recreated the stunning logotype of San Francisco’s unholiest sons in form a giant shaped synthetic leather patch measuring 33,4 x 15,8 cm (13,15 x 6,22 inches) on mesmerizing red and white mate embroidery. This is a one time only pressing of 100 copies.

  Price is 16,50 euros per piece + postage. Shippings rates are:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 1,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 4,90 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 3,70 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 4,10 euros

Asphyx Embroidered logo leather back patch

Status: Sold Out

  If there’s a selected fistful of bands that are a perfect synonym of what death metal stands and is all about on the old, dark, raw and pounding way, lowland’s veterans Asphyx are a pivotal example among that rude restless elite. For over two intermittent decades and despite their different incarnations, they have penned a memorable collection of tunes to embrace the death and riding the wings of inferno.

  Down With The Most High presents a monument of a back patch (30x24,28 cm – 11,80x9,55 inches) based on the Asphyx logo, on serious heavy metallic silver embroidery over a synthetic black leather backing, strictly limited to 100 units. No further explanations are needed.

  Price is 16 euros per piece + postage. Shippings rates are:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 1,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 3,70 euros
- Overseas ordinary airmail: 1,75 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 4,10 euros